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Policies and Procedures

Initial Appointment

Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment time to allow sufficient time to complete all necessary paperwork. Should you arrive 15 minutes late to your appointment, your appointment will then be rescheduled as the physicians cannot make these accommodations with such a demanding schedule.

Please bring the following to your appointment in order to expedite your visit:

  • Insurance Card
  • Photo ID
  • X-rays and/or Films/Reports
  • Co-Payment
  • Co-Insurance and/or Surgery Deposit/ Procedure Deposits

All H.M.O Insurance plans as well as Workman’s Compensation cases will need a referral from a general physician and/or specialist. In addition to a referral, an authorization will need to be obtained in order to make an appointment at our facility. Please note: If an appointment has been made and our office does not have a referral and/or authorization prior to the day of your office visit, your appointment will be rescheduled.

Billing Procedures:

Stanislaus Orthopaedic participates with several insurance plans. We also treat patient’s insured through Worker’s Compensation, Medicare, Auto Insurance Plans, Third Party Payers and all Private Insurance plans. Our billing office submits insurance claims directly to the insurance companies on behalf of our patients. Co-pays/patient responsibility portions are due and collected by our front office on the day of your visit. Patients who are insured through plans that require a referral to a specialist must obtain their referral prior to their visit in our office. Please feel free to contact our office at (209) 572-3224 in you have any questions.

Information Change:

Please notify our front office or call our staff for any changes in: address, phone number, insurance etc. To keep our records current, you may be asked to complete new paperwork every six months.

Medication Renewal:

Our physicians will issue all original prescriptions for medication. Please contact your pharmacy for any refill requests. Your pharmacy will fax your request to our office for approval by our physicians. Once your physician approves your refill request, your pharmacy will be notified and your pharmacist will fill your prescription. Prescription requests made over the weekend will not be reviewed until the next business day. Please avoid calling in requests on Friday afternoon if possible, as they may not be able to be filled before the weekend

**Please allow 48 hours for your prescription to be refilled.

After Hours Services:

Our “On Call Group” provides services after normal business hours. Simply call our office at (209) 572-3224 and our medical exchange will refer you to the Orthopaedic physician who is on call after hours. Medications will not be issued or refilled after normal business hours.

Cast Care

  1. Keep your cast elevated above your heart to help reduce swelling.
  2. Keep your cast dry!!
    • Plaster Cast: A plaster cast takes 2 to 3 days to dry and harden completely. Until then, don’t stand on it or rest it against any hard surface. If a plaster cast gets wet it must be replaced.
    • Synthetic Cast: A synthetic cast will be fully hard and weight bearing within 20 minutes
  3. Surround your cast with pillows to help keep you comfortable while you rest and sleep.
  4. Do not poke scratching objects into your cast. This can cause injury or irritation to your skin. Resist the urge to scratch and the itching feeling should go away by itself.
  5. If possible, wiggling fingers and toes may help improve circulation, prevent swelling and aid healing.
  6. Contact your physician if you experience numbness, tingling, and severe pain, swollen fingers or toes. Also contact your physician if your cast persistently rubs and causes pain or if you break or damage your cast