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Procedures and Treatments

Stanislaus Orthopaedics is dedicated to providing ways to improve access to the information needed to make informed decisions about healthcare in orthopaedics and sports medicine.

Our Patient Education section provides informative materials to help you understand orthopaedic problems and what options for treatment may be available from your orthopedic surgeon or muskuloskeletal health provider.

Swarm Interactive is the developer of ViewMedica, a Web-based patient information system designed to help medical professionals explain complex surgical topics to their patients.

SOSMC strives to provide our patients with the most efficient and accurate information to better educate you on your journey of medical decisions. Featured below are some of the techniques we perform here at Stanislaus Orthopaedics. Select a category and item to view it. You can also download a PDF brochure about the chosen procedure once you’ve selected it.